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Grishma Rao:

I'm an interaction designer at IDEO. I graduated with honours from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design IDP 2016. I’m very interested in artistic applications of machine learning, generative/creative use of AI, conversational interfaces, emotion research and affective computing and psycholinguistics. I am currently exploring more speculative projects and creative coding endeavours, and experiments with bot-making.

My work so far has spanned UI and visual design, programming/creative coding, research, information architecture, augmented and virtual reality, illustration, video and physical prototyping.

I’d love to work on human-computer interaction for emerging technologies: autonomous vehicles, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, etc. If anyone would like to collaborate on a project, please get in touch.

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An assortment of my illustrations - hand drawn/digital/paintings.

Paris Diaries
My annual travel writing - 2011 was Paris, parts of Germany and Switzerland, and the village of Purushwadi.

Project X
Photos and experiences that were sweded to become an art project // 2007



Personal Projects


Feb - March 2014 

Working on:
1. New ways for merchants to interact with their user data on Pointshelf
2. A broadband company's customer support registration iPhone app.

Currently Learning: prototyping with QC + Origami

Apr - May 2014 


Aug - Oct 2014 


Nov - Dec 2014 

Mar - Jun 2015 


Jun 2015 - 


Nov 2015



Jan - Dec 2016

User Research, Identity design, UX and UI design. for Sparq: Dating app for iOS + Android. 

TCO14 print&web graphics! San Franciscooooo


Interface design for Brivo's white-labeled check-in app, for customers visiting an establishment and printing visitor badges

Interface and UX design for a mobile app that allows for scheduling and coordination of device servicing and repairs, across a countrywide network

Making Pointshelf v3.0 - the most powerful F&B payment platform on the planet, with all the possible kinds of vendor-side tech in the world for restaurants and bars to manage their customer data and offers.

- Prototyping workshops (I'll teach yall how use AfterEffects and Form to prototype your apps and it's going to be fun).
- Interesting new things with Indian language fonts, to help build the massively-needed vernacular internet.

Graduate Student at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design